Ejercicios de Estilo Indirecto con soluciones 

Reported Speech Practice for 2nd Year Bach

1 “I can’t believe what you’re saying,” Paul told me.
2 “Would you like a cup of tea? she said to the girls.
3 “What time did you arrive in London?” he asked.
4 “I’m sorry to be late, but I missed the bus” she said.
5 “Thank you for the postcard you sent me,” she said to Jane.
6 “I’ll show you when I finish,” he said.
7 The film had already started when Peter arrived,” she said.
8 “I was having a shower when the phone rang,” she said.
9 “You must finish the report today,” my boss told me.
10 “Did they enjoy the party?” she asked.
11 “Alright then, we’ll meet after the lesson,” she said.
12 “No way! I won’t tell them,” he said.
13 “Open your books and start reading, children,” the teacher said.
14 “Would you like to come to my party, John?” she said.
15 “Let’s go to the park!” she said.
16 “You should be more careful in the future,” he said.
17 “Did you pass the exam?” I said to Joe.
18 “I’m doing my homework,” the boy said.
19 “What were you doing when the lights went off?”, she asked me.
20 “Do you mind closing the window, please? It’s getting cold” she said to the man.
21 “Would you like another biscuit, John?” he said.
22 “Remember to check the tyres before leaving,” they said to us.
23 “Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you” she said.
24 “You’d better go to the doctor, Paul” she said.
25 “How about renting a canoe?” he said.
26 “Have you enjoyed your meal?” She said to me
  1. Paul told me he couldn’t believe what I was saying
  2. She offered the girls a cup of tea.
  3. He asked what time I had arrived in London.
  4. She apologised for being late and she said she had missed the bus.
  5. She thanked Jane for the postcard she had sent her.
  6. He said he would show me when he finished.
  7. She said the film had already started when Peter arrived.
  8. She said she was having a shower when the phone rang.
  9. My boss told me I had to finish the report that day.
  10. She asked if they had enjoyed the party.
  11. She agreed to meet after the lesson.
  12. He refused to tell them.
  13. The teacher told the children to open their books and start reading.
  14. She invited John to her party.
  15. She suggested going to the park. She suggested that we went to the park.
  16. He advised me to be more careful in the future.
  17. I asked Joe if he had passed the exam.
  18. The boy said he was doing his homework.
  19. She asked me what I was doing when the lights went off.
  20. She asked the man to close the window because it was getting cold.
  21. He offered John another biscuit.
  22. They reminded us to check the tyres.
  23. She apologized for interrupting us.
  24. She advised Paul to go to the doctor.
  25. He suggested renting a canoe. He suggested that we rented a canoe.
  26. She asked me if I had enjoyed the meal




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